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IRON Sharpens IRON Council is dedicated to promoting and advancing social justice causes within our community. Our initiatives include advocating for equal rights, promoting diversity and inclusion, and addressing issues such as poverty, racism, gender inequality, and more. The Power Mover Award event is an annual recognition ceremony where we honor individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to advancing social justice in our community.

With your generous sponsorship, we will be able to cover the costs associated with venue rental, event production, guest speaker fees, marketing and promotion, awards and certificates, and other logistical expenses.

Benefits of Corporate Sponsorship:

1. Enhanced Brand Visibility: As a corporate sponsor of the Power Mover Award event, your company will receive prominent brand exposure to our diverse audience. Our event attracts community leaders, activists, social justice advocates, and media representatives, providing an excellent opportunity to showcase your corporation's commitment to social responsibility.

2. Positive Public Relations: Aligning your brand with our social justice organization will reinforce your company's dedication to the community and amplify your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) efforts. This association will foster a positive brand image and help build trust and loyalty among potential customers and stakeholders.

3. Networking Opportunities: The Power Mover Award event will bring together a diverse group of individuals and organizations committed to social justice. Your sponsorship will grant your representatives access to influential leaders, activists, and other corporate sponsors, facilitating networking opportunities that could lead to potential collaborations and partnerships.

4. Customized Sponsorship Benefits: We value our corporate partners and will work closely with your company to tailor sponsorship benefits to your specific needs and objectives. This could include logo placement on event materials, recognition during the ceremony, social media mentions, speaking opportunities, and more.


STEP 1: Choose your sponsorship level OR You can create your own custom amount than the pre-set levels. Simply let us know in Step 2. (please do not click the button on this page)

STEP 2: Send us a message via email



Message: My company would love to become a [Silver, Gold, Platinum OR Custom] Sponsor. Please send an invoice for [$amount] for processing.

STEP 3: You'll receive your invoice for processing

Thank you so much for your support!

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You'll get:Your brand will be prominently displayed exclusively on a table at the event. Show your support for social justice by sponsoring a table now. Hurry, only 10 tables available for this offer!



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